Wednesday, 22 October 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 5)

I had one holiday on Wednesday due to State Elections, so this week passed very quickly, no night-outs by Svara and we have started with Diwali cleaning...

Best friend of my husband visited our house, who had to board his train around afternoon from Bandra. We went to drop him at train station and spent rest of the time rarely visited western suburbs. We went to Sea-face and then to candies for pastry and milkshakes.
 She was not very happy to leave but when I told her we are going to get 'Khau' that's her reaction you see in the last picture.
Dress code for doodling is something fancy like Halter/ backless I guess...
Baby corn, Mushroom rice in cheese sauce for dinner : this recipe I will surely share over here very soon... so yummy.. everyone loved it 
Election Day: we visited Panvel to fulfil our duties as good citizens of the country.
This picture is actually a good evidence to how Svara has really mastered the skill to convince her grandmas to let go off their mobiles.
And now we are demonstrating in front of you our latest purchase : Set of Philips Speakers. (This demo will be conducted by our senior executive 'Baby' and her junior assistant 'Baba') 
My office friend got these Special Namkeen from Indore
To compensate with binging on Thursday, I snacked on sprouted moong in office.
We had super fun taking selfies..
Champi... Tel molish
more selfie pictures.. : )