Saturday, 20 September 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी .... (Week 1)

This week involves mostly sleeping till late mornings,so I could only kiss Svara goodbye (in her sleep.. obviously) while leaving for office...and obviously late mornings lead to whole messed up day naps, early evening naps ending in waking up from 4:00 am in morning...

 Panvel morning

Cat at my mother's place has two kittens this time... you can spot the other one at top left :)

Sigh... :( mostly i also feel the same every Monday... 

Meri Neeli Jutti... at work

Carrots, French beans and Capsicum rice for dinner
evening snack at office cafeteria...Mumbai Bhel & Mexican Corn Chaat.. well unfortunately Mexican Chat wins...

Google phone launch Ad music = best tune to dance..

Friday was way too busy due to office deadline.. and finally looks like most of the Auto-rickshaws in have calipered their meters to Rs.17 basic fair..

We are back to Panvel..
Another week of office from Monday and next to that I have a week long Leave... hurray!!

Monday, 15 September 2014


Hello..!! This is Mrunmayigauree... I know I know this is the way too much long name you must have came across ever.. so you can call me Mrunmayi OR Gauree OR MG as well... By profession I am a Landscape Architect.
Apart from the professional qualification, I am Wife of an Architect-Planner, Mother of a baby girl born on 29-05-2013 and an amateur photographer.
Here, I am going to share my daily adventures with Svara (that's my baby's name..!!) while juggling between Job and parenthood, my crazy creative ideas, food I love to cook and other activities involved in my life other than my job.

I will love hearing from you so if you have questions, stories or ideas to share, email me at