Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thank you Dr. Salk...

Yes, really, thanks a million to you Dr. Salk...
If you don't know who is Dr. Jonas Salk, as I did till today morning, I suggest you go ahead and visit these pages,

Dr. Salk invented vaccine for Polio...
Here in Mumbai, we have Polio campaigns happening twice/ thrice every year with public booths offering the vaccine along with childcare hospitals. Additional to this, polio vaccine representative visit door-to-door to find out if any kid below 5 years has missed the dose. I personally started taking them seriously after Svara was born; strangely it never ever occurred to me to just browse through internet to check who is the inventor of this drug or even why it has been most important campaign in India.
We our selves have received the vaccine twice from the representative visiting home. After dose is given, they colour Svara's small finger nail of left hand is by a permanent marker. The mark remains around a week on her nail, so that we can show it (as a proof) to any other representative visiting during the period.
A boy holds up his inked finger to show that he had received his dose of polio drops, on Pulse Polio immunisation programme, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, on Sunday. Photo:M.Periasamy.
I could find this image on official website of The Hindu in the article titled, 'Pulse polio: Coimbatore district achieves 98.36 per cent'
Today, it is Dr. Salk's 100th birthday and Google has a very cute doodle in the main search window... I am really happy to get hold of such important information regarding polio and the great researcher of the anti-dot drug for this deadly disease.
You can also check the link below to read about the FAQ's about Polio and it's vaccine,

Saturday, 25 October 2014

First Haircut : a short documentary on baby hair fashion ;-)

Last week Svara had her first hair cut, as per the typical ritual cycles a baby undergoes in most parts of India, we managed (read me and my husband) to skip the 'mundan' ceremony as we really wished to maintain her birth hair (or whatever you call them) as it is. Her hair are smooth, soft and plenty in volume so why to shave them of.. of course there are loads of scientific reasons given (baby gets thicker, fuller hair etc.) but somehow we are and will be hesitating from the same.

Here's the picture collage of baby hair styles we have tried in last 15 months..
Haircut was done by my super cool maasi who runs a Beauty Salon/ Parlor/ Spa. Baby has visited her place many times with me and was very excited as something was done for her while she was seated (read standing) on one of the fancy chairs in parlor. I was worried how she may react when water spray and scissor was in close proximity, but she proved me wrong. She was cool and comfortable and was happy to hold a tail comb while hair were being cut.
Pre and Post haircut..
So that's how she looks now... and we are totally waiting for her hair to grow longer than earlier...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 5)

I had one holiday on Wednesday due to State Elections, so this week passed very quickly, no night-outs by Svara and we have started with Diwali cleaning...

Best friend of my husband visited our house, who had to board his train around afternoon from Bandra. We went to drop him at train station and spent rest of the time rarely visited western suburbs. We went to Sea-face and then to candies for pastry and milkshakes.
 She was not very happy to leave but when I told her we are going to get 'Khau' that's her reaction you see in the last picture.
Dress code for doodling is something fancy like Halter/ backless I guess...
Baby corn, Mushroom rice in cheese sauce for dinner : this recipe I will surely share over here very soon... so yummy.. everyone loved it 
Election Day: we visited Panvel to fulfil our duties as good citizens of the country.
This picture is actually a good evidence to how Svara has really mastered the skill to convince her grandmas to let go off their mobiles.
And now we are demonstrating in front of you our latest purchase : Set of Philips Speakers. (This demo will be conducted by our senior executive 'Baby' and her junior assistant 'Baba') 
My office friend got these Special Namkeen from Indore
To compensate with binging on Thursday, I snacked on sprouted moong in office.
We had super fun taking selfies..
Champi... Tel molish
more selfie pictures.. : )

Thursday, 16 October 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 4)

Holidays are over... I am tired after Pune visit, its a tough task to handle a hyperactive toddler while travelling by car (I have travelled by rest of the transport means such as sleeper bus and long distance train when baby as just few months old) but car travel is super tiring... I need recovery holiday after holiday...

We visited minimum 3 families related to us in Pune all were very happy to see baby, she got tones of pampering. I had to be on my toes all the time from keeping baby away from touching/Spoiling valuable crafty decorative objects, switchboards, electronics etc. as none of the houses we visited were child proof...
No photos of Sunday...I was thoroughly tired by the time we took a break at my mother's place before reaching home.
Only picture from Monday, went to super market for grocery shopping
We celebrated birthday of two office friends

कोजागिरी औक्षण : custom to honour the eldest child in each generation.
Aai papa...papppaaaa... papppaaaa..... deyyyyyna...
Dressed-up to celebrate Grandmas birthday..
Her first haircut... :' )

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 3)

Oh my God..!! what a week... I had planned leave in this week, so starting from last Saturday till next Sunday I got 9 days in my hand. Though in the start I just kept thinking how much house organising I can finish in this time... I ended up hardly cleaning two rooms out of four... still I am not at all complaining, as I got to spend plenty of time with baby... here's this week through my mobile camera..  

We left from Panvel around lunch time... we had packed lunch with us and plan was to eat at home

That's how we ate lunch...
White T-shirt for Navratri colour of the day with track pants: Traditional n classy ; ) 
Sorting through Baby outfits : Baby's closet is organized : )
(Organization tips in upcoming blog)


All along helping me in cleaning spree, my super talented Mom-in-law made these Diwali Diyas with Paper Quelling (right now I can post just one picture... more pictures coming soon)

Blue : Navratri colour of the day
I found this hat while cleaning the drawers.


2nd October special.... Cleaning oath

Waiting patiently for her turn to receive Dussehra gift from Dadi

We all left in evening for Pune to pay our pending visit (Don't let this picture fool you as a cool road trip, this helps in keeping a hyper active toddler under control...) 

Monday, 13 October 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 2)

This week went pretty smooth with just one night out by Svara.. also we tried some new hair styles, watched animated movies and cooked..

Frozen Face : I had to replay the Snowman song for minimum 6 times
Return journey: Sky was pretty impressive.
Pretty weather helped me fighting away Monday Blues + notice car windshield that means I am getting dropped @ office by hubby : ) 

Fancy Board-room table mount speakers
Sky was wonderful all through the day

Mommy, Flip Flops look good on me right? What if they are not mine...

I don't have any other picture from this day.. Svara had cold and runny nose, so best cure is tummy bouncing with baba.

Svara was in total co-operation mood, so presenting two ponytails which almost lasted for more than two hours (including playground visit and waiting for me to reach home)
I found fresh Lal Math in market, so we had it for dinner
Post dinner the baby co-operation mode was over... huh all I could sleep for maximum 4 hours, baby was wide awake and was totally in party mood...

No photos for today all I need is sleeeeeeep.... THE END

This picture is taken at 7:15 am and she is busy watching Baby TV
Green Sari @ work as part of Nav-Ratri celebrations
Birthday celebration for an office friend
Cabbage and French beans rice for dinner
When you agree to put such funny things on your head...
you get such lovely  and pretty hair...