Tuesday, 14 October 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 3)

Oh my God..!! what a week... I had planned leave in this week, so starting from last Saturday till next Sunday I got 9 days in my hand. Though in the start I just kept thinking how much house organising I can finish in this time... I ended up hardly cleaning two rooms out of four... still I am not at all complaining, as I got to spend plenty of time with baby... here's this week through my mobile camera..  

We left from Panvel around lunch time... we had packed lunch with us and plan was to eat at home

That's how we ate lunch...
White T-shirt for Navratri colour of the day with track pants: Traditional n classy ; ) 
Sorting through Baby outfits : Baby's closet is organized : )
(Organization tips in upcoming blog)


All along helping me in cleaning spree, my super talented Mom-in-law made these Diwali Diyas with Paper Quelling (right now I can post just one picture... more pictures coming soon)

Blue : Navratri colour of the day
I found this hat while cleaning the drawers.


2nd October special.... Cleaning oath

Waiting patiently for her turn to receive Dussehra gift from Dadi

We all left in evening for Pune to pay our pending visit (Don't let this picture fool you as a cool road trip, this helps in keeping a hyper active toddler under control...) 

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