Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thank you Dr. Salk...

Yes, really, thanks a million to you Dr. Salk...
If you don't know who is Dr. Jonas Salk, as I did till today morning, I suggest you go ahead and visit these pages,

Dr. Salk invented vaccine for Polio...
Here in Mumbai, we have Polio campaigns happening twice/ thrice every year with public booths offering the vaccine along with childcare hospitals. Additional to this, polio vaccine representative visit door-to-door to find out if any kid below 5 years has missed the dose. I personally started taking them seriously after Svara was born; strangely it never ever occurred to me to just browse through internet to check who is the inventor of this drug or even why it has been most important campaign in India.
We our selves have received the vaccine twice from the representative visiting home. After dose is given, they colour Svara's small finger nail of left hand is by a permanent marker. The mark remains around a week on her nail, so that we can show it (as a proof) to any other representative visiting during the period.
A boy holds up his inked finger to show that he had received his dose of polio drops, on Pulse Polio immunisation programme, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, on Sunday. Photo:M.Periasamy.
I could find this image on official website of The Hindu in the article titled, 'Pulse polio: Coimbatore district achieves 98.36 per cent'
Today, it is Dr. Salk's 100th birthday and Google has a very cute doodle in the main search window... I am really happy to get hold of such important information regarding polio and the great researcher of the anti-dot drug for this deadly disease.
You can also check the link below to read about the FAQ's about Polio and it's vaccine,

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