Sunday, 16 November 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 7)

Apart from a heavy feeling due to massive sweet binge and joining office after four day long break, highlight of week was me falling sick with urine infection taking leave on Friday due to heavy fever..

Sailor themed play suit gifted by baba..
Leg workout: Baby style for baba
More workouts
Posing in new dress stitched by grandma
More workouts... by the time I have taken this picture, poor baba is totally exhausted after a set of 20 leg pull-ups 

Hubby dropped me to office on our two wheeler 
Sky was amazing that evening..
It's hard to choose between peep-toes and squeaky shoes   
 This is the only picture I took in whole day. Clicked it just before visiting doctor as I was feeling feverish. Doctor gave a concerned look when I told him about fever and urine infection which led to a heavy dose of anti-bio-tics.

I had heavy fever through Thursday night, so office was bunked. I went for urine and blood sampling in the morning. I spent whole day in bed recovering from post fever weakness and that made Svara really happy.
Wondering what her mother is doing at home so late 
Hubby cooked Anda Bhurgi for dinner..

Saturday, 15 November 2014

हफ्ते की कहानी , मोबाईल की जुबानी..... (Week 6)

Diwali week... so much fun, I took leave on Friday after holiday on Thursday, so it was a loooong weekend... I ate quite a lot of sweets and tons of fried food so surely have put on weight and need to reduce.. other than weight gaining guilt, it was a good week we spent.. :-)

Selfie fever continues.. her face totally cracks me whenever I see this picture 

She helped us with Faral preparation
Totally loved these cushion covers at Home Town
Yummy Besan laddoos, obviously made by mother-in-law 

Morning ritual... checking whatsapp on behalf of both parents..

Rangoli shopping

We made this for Rangoli competition at office

Rangoli Selfie

Selfie with office friends

Lunch was taken at Banana Leaf as Lunch group Diwali treat
This in frock 01 out of three frocks my amazing friend has gifted 
Organized bed spread lasted for 2 minutes

Chilaxing and plotting the scheme for destroying the bed..
Selfies are best distractions...
Diwali tub bath.. ;-)
Rangoli with Paper quelling diya
Dress 02
This new dress is from sister-in-law
Flower Rangoli
We went to Panvel for Bhaubij/Bhaidooj
Dress 03
Harmonium time..
Classy Diwali dinner on last day of Diwali...