Saturday, 25 October 2014

First Haircut : a short documentary on baby hair fashion ;-)

Last week Svara had her first hair cut, as per the typical ritual cycles a baby undergoes in most parts of India, we managed (read me and my husband) to skip the 'mundan' ceremony as we really wished to maintain her birth hair (or whatever you call them) as it is. Her hair are smooth, soft and plenty in volume so why to shave them of.. of course there are loads of scientific reasons given (baby gets thicker, fuller hair etc.) but somehow we are and will be hesitating from the same.

Here's the picture collage of baby hair styles we have tried in last 15 months..
Haircut was done by my super cool maasi who runs a Beauty Salon/ Parlor/ Spa. Baby has visited her place many times with me and was very excited as something was done for her while she was seated (read standing) on one of the fancy chairs in parlor. I was worried how she may react when water spray and scissor was in close proximity, but she proved me wrong. She was cool and comfortable and was happy to hold a tail comb while hair were being cut.
Pre and Post haircut..
So that's how she looks now... and we are totally waiting for her hair to grow longer than earlier...

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