Thursday, 4 December 2014

First Time ever...

Oh yes.. ! First time ever in my whole life of 31 years today some one totally unknown and stranger pronounced my name correctly..

I purchased some baby outfits online today and as per the policy of website I was suppose to receive a confirmation call as I am paying by 'cash on delivery'. Somehow the call got disconnected before I could receive. I thought of giving a try for call back as most of these auto-generated calls do not have receiving facility.

But, it seems that my stars were totally shining bright.. My call gets diverted to typical 'Press 1 for & Press 2 for..' kind of system. Once pressing the correct number, I am greeted by this Girl/Lady asking me how she should be helping me. I tell her my problem and Baam... !! She asks, Am I speaking to Ms. Mrunmayigauree? no pronunciation mistake, no twisting or breaking my name at odd intervals not even changing my gender... I am very much impressed..

She did the formality which was supposed to be done through the call and again asks me if anything else needs to be done...

I took some moments to come out of trans post overjoy... thanked her for her service and kept the phone...

She must have been the first person ever who has pronounced my name correctly in first go... This really matters to me as most of the time I have to correct people for their pronunciation OR tell them is Ms/Mrs not Mr Mrunmayigauree..

Thank you stranger... well you made my day in a way..

That is the office name plate at my desk, person in-charge of getting them made had specifically called me to make sure if it was ok to reduce the font size and to keep only surname and not husbands name...

P.S. I have been quite busy to upload any new post since a very long time, I will be updating soon.. bear with me.. 3 new posts are around 50% complete and shall be on the blog hopefully by this weekend..

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